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Stephanie Bango Wharton
Integrative Nutrition Health Coach – Stephanie Wharton Wellness LLC

Jeff has such a special gift for connecting and providing advice that is both genuine and grounded in compassion. He provides simple action-oriented recommendations and then follows-up consistently with questions and additional support, if needed. Through his coaching, I have found clarity and a refreshing perspective on life and business. I would highly recommend anyone who needs support in health, business or self-development to hire Jeff as a personal coach.

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Brian Cronin
Business Executive

Jeff had been the most important addition to my support team this year. He has a way of putting my personal and professional goals into focus. Every time I meet with Jeff, I walk away inspired and energized to make progress toward my goals. He takes a systematic and holistic approach to ensure I am balanced physically, mentally and spiritually. Jeff provides that accountability we all need in our lives. Thanks Jeff

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Abe A.
Partner, Big Four Firm

Jeff helped change the trajectory of my life. Decades of poor eating and health, start/stop diets, and lack of ability to keep commitments had left me 40lbs overweight and in poor mental, physical, and aerobic health.

Jeff’s magic is that his Socratic method of helping me understand the deeper “whys” created the inner strength I needed to focus and follow through.

Together, we implemented a simple diet plan, strength training, aerobic exercise, and mindfulness meditation.

The results — I dropped and maintained 25lb weight loss for two years and am now on the path to tackle the last fifteen, knowing that Jeff helped enable me with tools and habits for life.

The last thing I’ll say is that our country is increasingly polarized. Jeff and I definitely don’t agree on everything, but it’s been helpful to engage with him and reconfirm our common humanity, values, and dreams despite what may seem like vastly different political perspectives. We need more of this bridging in our world today and more of the positivity that Jeff shares with others.

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Thad Teply

Jeff came into my life at the perfect time. I was struggling to fix my marriage and was desperate for direction and advice.
His guidance and knowledge over every aspect of my relationship was a crucial part of my success. Jeff brought passion & positivity throughout the entire process and was beyond amazing. He was my life coach, therapist, and best friends all in one.
To have someone in my corner was truly life changing and I will never forget how much he helped me. I reap the benefits on a daily basis. He gave me such valuable advice daily and I’m forever grateful.

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Kevin Downing

Jeff saw the potential in me before I realized I wanted to take this journey for myself. Not only has he encouraged me to press forward and support my own clients as a coach, but has continued to help me challenge myself to achieve goals in all areas of my life.

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Chris Gilbert

I have known Jeff Shirrell for five years. We met through an online Mastermind Group of men that was designed to create an extraordinary marriage with our wives, build an unbreakable bond with our kids, and to forge a strong legacy for generations. Unfortunately it was too late for me and within a year my marriage went downhill and ended up in a divorce. At the time I blamed everything and everyone else, and ended up in the hospital due to Mental Health. Jeff has been there for me every step of the way to where I am today. He has been not only an amazing friend but Christian Purpose and Fulfillment Coach and challenges me to be 1% better everyday and get into the word. I would recommend Jeff to anyone with a growth mindset who is looking to improve their life. I don’t know where I would be without him. Thank you Jeff!

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Lori Robinson
Entrepreneur, Coach, Family Matriarch

Working with Jeff has been amazing in so many ways. Learning how to understand the differences between Spirit, Soul, and Body was one of the most life changing insights I gained so far!

With Jeff’s guidance, truly understanding God’s Word is allowing me to make strides in my life to cope and deal with my past. It is allowing some old wounds to be healed.

We can have a tendency to think we aren’t good enough, deserving enough, or be enough in different areas of our live. God’s Word is that “We are enough!”

Having someone from the outside to really listen, hear you and give you biblical words, and ready to help you change and grow in a healthy, real way is unbelievable!

This is making huge changes in my life not only because I want do, but because I want more! Jeff, has such a passion and heart in what he does. He is a divine gift!

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Dr. Benjamin Benulis

Jeff helped me when I was going through a really dark time with depression something I hadn’t felt since I was a teenager. He did by really getting to understand me, and asking the right questions that really got the gears turning. He was able to help me reconnect with my purpose and my greater why, which helped pull me out of a really dark place. Thank you Jeff!