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Abe A.
Partner, Big Four Firm
Jeff helped change my life

Jeff helped change the trajectory of my life. Decades of poor eating and health, start/stop diets, and lack of ability to keep commitments had left me 40lbs overweight and in poor mental, physical, and aerobic health.

Jeff’s magic is that his Socratic method of helping me understand the deeper “whys” created the inner strength I needed to focus and follow through.

Together, we implemented a simple diet plan, strength training, aerobic exercise, and mindfulness meditation.

The results — I dropped and maintained 25lb weight loss for two years and am now on the path to tackle the last fifteen, knowing that Jeff helped enable me with tools and habits for life.

The last thing I’ll say is that our country is increasingly polarized. Jeff and I definitely don’t agree on everything, but it’s been helpful to engage with him and reconfirm our common humanity, values, and dreams despite what may seem like vastly different political perspectives. We need more of this bridging in our world today and more of the positivity that Jeff shares with others.