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About Jeff Shirrell

I believe that finding balance in life is the key to achieving your goals and living a fulfilled life. Our faith-based life coaching services empower you to discover your passions, identify obstacles, and create a personalized plan to reach your objectives. I’ll help you set meaningful goals and hold you accountable every step of the way.

With my guidance, you’ll be able to take on new challenges with confidence and build the resilience you need to overcome any setbacks. I’m committed to helping you build a strong foundation for a fulfilling life, centered around faith, hope, and perseverance.

Trust me! I will boost your communication skills.
Trust me! I will boost your communication skills.







Personalized guidance and support with individuals who are ready and seeking to overcome challenges they need to confront through spiritual development and personal growth.


Interactive, collaborative and encouraging environment where individuals will learn practical strategies and wisdom to courageously, embrace challenges, deepen connection, and achieve greater transformation.


Expert guidance and support to individuals, teams, groups and organizations seeking to overcome obstacles, tap into their greater potential, and lead to greater goals, fulfillment with a deeper sense of purpose.


Empowering and inspiring talks that connect with audience members through clear concepts and real-time application to motivate individuals to choose a greater path of action and life for themselves.

Jimmy Greene
Jimmy Greene
I highly recommend Jeff. I worked with him to coach and counsel me through a difficult life changing decision affecting my family. Jeff acted as a sounding board, encouraged me to focus on life’s priorities, and he ultimately helped me handle a tough conversation. His ability to frame up problems and walk others towards solutions while holding an eternal perspective is one of his strong points. Definitely recommend Jeff for personal and professional coaching for you or your organization.
Drew Shintaku
Drew Shintaku
I met Jeff through a Christian men’s group I joined last year. Since that initial meeting, not only has he helped me grow and coached me through one of the most difficult years of my life, but we have become good friends. His wise council has helped me to learn more about myself and the great God given gifts that I have been given. He has continued to help guide me to becoming the best version of myself and to find joy in my struggles, for that is when we grow the most!
Andrew Karam
Andrew Karam
Jeff is an amazing coach. He understands the struggles in life and how to create a plan to overcome your issues. I highly recommend Jeff!
Aaron Hofman
Aaron Hofman
I've had the pleasure of working with Jeff as a coach, and I highly recommend him to anyone looking to bridge the gap in their journey. Jeff's ability to come alongside you is unparalleled. He's incredibly effective at shortening the distance between where you are and where you want to be.
Brent Lyda
Brent Lyda
What can I say that hasn't already been said... Jeff is highly anointed and gifted with with foresight and has a love for people. His heart is bigger than anyone else I know!! His approach to coaching is unique and far superior to anything I've had before! He waits on the spirit, he has a tenacity for righteousness but yet humble enough to correct himself and others with conviction and pure unapologetic truth. He saved me from a dark path. I owe him everything!
Gabriel Trevino
Gabriel Trevino
Jeff has been a Tremendous Impact on my life! I know I can always count on him to call when I am feeling feeling frustrated, tempted and out of balance. He is a great man of God that I get very much impactful, wisdom from!! Thank you God for helping us come across each other. Forever grateful.
Tiffany Martinez
Tiffany Martinez
Jeff does a phenomenal job connecting with, communicating to and navigating through life with people. He listens to understand, shares his wisdom intentionally and has a heart posture of pure service that makes for an incredible experience of identifying, acknowledging and being supported through the navigation of even the toughest parts of life!
James Lester
James Lester
Jeff is a phenomenal friend and mentor. Having someone be able to listen without judgement and pour in Godly biblical advice is heaven sent. I love the way Jeff has picked up his cross and stepped into this space. Being a kingdom man, with the Lord leading his steps. If you have a chance to work with Jeff don’t cheat yourself, treat yourself. God is using us all for his glory and Jeff has a great way of making you think and grow. Thank brother! Proverbs 27.17
Joe Makston
Joe Makston
Over the years, my relationship with Jeff has evolved into a meaningful friendship. This deeper connection has revealed Jeff's genuine interest in understanding individuals holistically. He possesses a unique ability to ask profound questions that not only inspire introspection but also encourage you to fully realize your potential and embrace your individuality. For anyone looking to experience a sense of belonging, to feel truly seen, valued, and cared for within a community, connecting with Jeff is a must. His approachability and earnest desire to foster genuine relationships make him an invaluable asset to any network.
Mark Bruner
Mark Bruner
I met Jeff a year ago at a local Men’s Group and he offered to help through a time in my life that was very dark and depressing. I knew I wanted a better life and to be a better person but was struggling with actually achieving my goals. Jeff and I met weekly and instantly he was helping me understand the challenges that were stopping me from achieving my goals. Jeff is so good at applying Gods word to both the struggles and victories of life and deeply cares about my success. He is always asking great questions to help bring the light to all my dark situations using scripture to validate Gods plan and to trust in our Lord. I don’t think I would be where I am today if Jeff didn’t step in and become, not only my life coach, but also my friend and mentor





Christian Life coaching is a process that involves working with people and teams to establish trust in order to help individuals gain deep insights and clarity on around the challenges around them and inside of them in order to achieve the goals they have set, by developing strategies to achieve the needed internal growth to overcome any obstacles in the way of the achievement of their goals, dreams and desires.

Whether you are feeling stuck, lacking direction, or lost facing a specific challenge, life coaching can help you gain the clarity, confidence, hope, and faith through deep internal transformation that will help you move forward in the right direction with the tools to overcome what has been holding you back for far too long.

It is for anyone for who it is time to pursue a life of fulfillment, whether that means improving a broken relationship(s), finding a fulfilling career, deepening their faith and relationship with Christ, or simply gaining more joy and enrichment in their day-to-day life.



Find Your Purpose. Heal You Heart. Overcome A Challenge. Enjoy Who You Were Made to Be!