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Lori Robinson
Entrepreneur, Coach, Family Matriarch
Working with Jeff has been amazing

Working with Jeff has been amazing in so many ways. Learning how to understand the differences between Spirit, Soul, and Body was one of the most life changing insights I gained so far!

With Jeff’s guidance, truly understanding God’s Word is allowing me to make strides in my life to cope and deal with my past. It is allowing some old wounds to be healed.

We can have a tendency to think we aren’t good enough, deserving enough, or be enough in different areas of our live. God’s Word is that “We are enough!”

Having someone from the outside to really listen, hear you and give you biblical words, and ready to help you change and grow in a healthy, real way is unbelievable!

This is making huge changes in my life not only because I want do, but because I want more! Jeff, has such a passion and heart in what he does. He is a divine gift!